50 Faces of Gender

34fba-a6f22b303c483be0730a2daa4245a96dGender Equality just got a little more complicated, or perhaps just got a wakeup call. Emma, in her speech suggested that gender needs to be looked at with a little more fluidity. Seems FaceBook took her to heart and just added 50 gender choices to their profiles pages. That’s a fairly broad spectrum. PBS has an article on this change.

Facebook users will find Thursday that they’re no longer limited to identifying themselves as either male or female. A new custom option will allow people to choose from around 50 different terms for their gender, in addition to being allowed to choose their preferred pronoun.

The new options — which include identifications such as androgynous, bigender, transsexual, gender fluid, male to female and female to male, among others, and pronoun choices of him, her or them — will initially be available for the 159 million monthly users in the U.S. Facebook gives the option of sharing the gender identity or set it privately.

On Facebook’s official Diversity page, the company assured users that they can control the audiences with whom they share their gender identity.

You can check out the rest of the article on their website.

Imagine the day that even this spectrum is obsolete? Imagine a day when we just have one.



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