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Meet my new friend pikasauni. She lives in Finland, a country who is number two on the list of countries for its level of gender equality. It is also one of the best educating countries in the world and currently one of the wealthiest… and I’m thinking those three things have some commonalities. Anyway, I don’t know much about pikasauni. I know what country she lives in, and that right now she is focused “what is equality and how is it achieved” — which right now is so wonderful to find. The following is a note I just sent her, hoping to cheer her on.

So far I have two “Guest Speakers” on the MeForShe blog. As it happened one was Pro, the other Con — and both brought up good, tangible matters which I would probably have overlooked or not recognized by myself for a long time. So this has been valuable to me as far as adding to what me and my partner can effectively do for HeForShe and the women who are in touch with me through my connections and the blog. The website of course is

Currently (as in right this moment) I’m writing up a post on Equality, and what it means. I’m striving to create or define from the research I did yesterday. Defining Equality in a useful way, in a way that allows a set of actionable goals, that are achievable, as well as measurable, to be created is high priority to me right now. From there I’ll try to gather from the input of others enough information and input to create tasks and motivations to improve “quality of life” through raising the level of equality in personal, professional and community living. Said like that I sound like a damn brochure for a daytrip to suburbs to watch the migration of SUVs. *sigh*

I’m in touch with Emma and several of the women in the UN Women group, trying to get their ideas for “what next?” but apparently … Emma’s speech was far more popular than they estimated and they have not planned for success. The input I have received, along with the last Guest Speaker we had on MeForShe, put me on this course of action.

So, that is what is going on here. If you would like, I can trade posts with you. just give me a topic and I’ll give you the best I’m capable of creating. What I’m most interested in, is what caught your attention, why and what changed for you from your ideas and perspectives prior to Emma’s movement toward HeForShe. What does it mean ‘to you’ personally. Do you feel that there is something significant about it? Is it all the same still, only with men around? Do you have no clue what is suppose to change or why the UN Women might have thought this was a good idea? Is it exactly what you felt was needed? *NOTE: If this paragraph or anything else I have said entices you to write something as a Guest Speaker or talk someone else into helping in that way… please, use it, steal it, send me your post.
I need you, and I won’t waste your effort.

I’m a novelist, a writer, and I have years of experience with Internet Marketing. I’m quite good at taking ideas that begin as ideals and producing material which makes them personal and actionable. Me and my partner, another writer — actually a reporter who is 73 and has something like 45 years of experience. He’s interviewed presidents, has won hundreds of awards and if he was a gun fighter, he’d be one of the badasses — are focusing on awareness and education. The media, except for something like one broadcast, did nothing with HeForShe, Emma’s speech, or anything else. I doubt very seriously if 80% of the US even knows Emma gave a speech at the UN. Not sure who dropped the ball on the media coverage of this, but that’s not important any longer.

My task of creating awareness and educating though, brings me to you. We want to produce material that is relevant to women and men who are engaged with HeForShe. The more we know about what is going on — the answers to the questions above — the more relevant and effective we can be.

By the way, i loved your post here, and it is very cool to find you, and discover that you are going to be putting so much mind-time into this subject. Equality as a word has been thrown around quite casually, like everyone knows what it means, and how it affects what goals they should focus on — when quite the opposite is the case. I’ve asked over 100 women and men over the last few days…

“If the goal is equality, then what can you or your group do this month to improve yours?”

…and every one of them got stuck on what equality actually meant as a practical term. We all seem to understand the word at the dictionary level:


But from there… bringing it home… (???)

And this lack of practical application, I believe, has been the cause of some serious problems with Feminism as a whole. For example, this Shirt thing going on right now? I’m not going to touch on right or wrong or anything else, what I am curious about — extremely curious about — is exactly how is all of this energy expenditure, on this subject, helping improve the equality in their lives? Toward the goal of equality, how is this helping or how do they perceive this helping? Basically… with all of the things we could be doing .. Why this? Because as a PR/Marketing person, it’s a nightmare.

Emma brings up the topic that Feminism is popularly perceived right now as Man-Hating, and she rightly adds to this apt evaluation, this has to stop. This Shirt thing is raging across the Internet and the popular response is both highly critical and demonizing toward Feminists. The perception currently is that Feminists are simply thin-skinned mad-women with no sense of proportion or direction.

Shirt Thing

We need to change this.. we have to change this. And it is not a change that we can do through better marketing and PR — we have to change us. The only way we can do that is to change this lack of definition and unity over the basic foundations of our desires… such as… what the hell is equality? what does it mean to me, today?

A clear recognition will avoid many situations which are not helping. My goal is to achieve a measuring stick. An understanding clear enough that both women and men involved with HeForShe, can look at a situation like this, and instead of a knee jerk reaction of offense, appraise it against the goal of equality, and say “Nope, addressing that today doesn’t help me. However, addressing this other thing today, makes my life better.” or the reverse if it does serve a measurable purpose. But there has to be forward motion, and without clarity, we don’t have a chance at moving forward.

So, I am very grateful that you are giving this topic serious thought, and I’m definitely “staying tuned”


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