Guest Speaker #3 | TamedInsanity

TamedInsanity is not a fan of many things. Like our other Guests however, she does offer some good insights into the Anti-feminist movement which I’ve personally never looked into. Again there is the question of equality and what it means, which I’m happy to report that I’m finally making some sense of and coming to a point were something practical should be published soon.

I would like to point out that after going through TamedInsanity post, several questions about perception and reality arise. So, again, please address TamedInsanity as a guest and a valuable one as well. Thanks.

Now, let’s listen to TamedInsanity.

B0u4oOVCMAAq0rII have noticed for some reason, that internet harassment seems to be mostly feminists. Honestly. Though I do agree there are men and anti-feminists a part of this group the more I do what I do, the more I see feminists as the main aggressors. I wouldn’t even be a part of anti-feminism had the movement on social media not grown so vile that I was attacked for no reason.

It became clear just recently with the whole “shirt gate” thing, that this is what they do. They also routinely have gotten away with it at this point, and will continue to get away with it. In fact, this goes heavily ignored for some reason. It’s as if society believes that it’s okay for these women to do this because at the same time, feminists perpetuate the myth that women are weak little victims. That women who threaten and bully are only doing it because they were bullied first. They are only fighting back. That it’s okay for feminists to harass because they’ve had B0w7_AmIIAENYrDenough of being “oppressed”. Yet, when I ask any feminist, any at all, how they are oppressed. There’s never any answer. Not a legitimate one anyway.

There is this huge idea, in feminist culture/theory whatever you want to call it, that it’s okay for women to be flaming, self entitled, douche bags because women are SO unequal. I’m wondering, what rights in the first world do men have that women don’t? We know that wage gap has been disproved many times over. We know that the 1 in 4 women getting raped in college statistic is fake.

Women in the first world are free to get an education, own businesses, run businesses, own properties, have bank accounts, vote, teach, invent, get married or divorced. In fact, women have the rights over their children, to a point they can put a baby up for adoption without ever even asking the father. Women can have babies and then completely lie about who the father is and force the man to pay child support. The man can even prove in court that the child isn’t his and the court doesn’t care. Men do our hard labor, heavy lifting, disgusting jobs, and mainly go fight in wars. Men are disposable and not at all valued. Men are seen as people who cannot be abused or raped. We have to remind society that men can be abused too, because otherwise it’s seen as a myth. What in the hell are you talking about feminists? How are you so oppressed?B0u4dqqCYAA_U1O

If a woman wants to accuse someone of rape, in the first world, all she has to do is walk into a police station, have a half assed story about how she was raped, and stick to it. I could walk into a police station right now and say “Yeah this guy I met two years ago raped me. I was drunk and I don’t remember much but I’m sure he raped me.” I wouldn’t have to offer any evidence other than a name. After that point, a man has no recourse. None. Sight unseen and with very little investigation, this man would be prosecuted just because I decided to say that small summary. I wouldn’t even have to give that much information. Then, based on that lame story, I could also sue him or his family or his place of business and profit from it. It’s not even that hard. Even if the woman is found to be lying, very little actually happens to her. No one even gives a shit and that man’s life is now destroyed. Women are given so much power over men in a first world country it’s sickening and you want to tell me that women are the oppressed ones? Are you serious?

Yet, still there is this huge myth running rampant. That women are so oppressed, but when you whittle it down to the bare basics they don’t actually have any sources for this horrible oppression. Their sources are hurt feelings and “psychic” abilities. KNOWING that a man is looking at them wrong. KNOWING that a man has sexual thoughts about them. Feminists repeatedly promote this idea that women are weak and vulnerable, while at the same time viciously and violently attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with that.

misandry2It got even worse with this #HEFORSHE bullshit. I was never much of a fan of Watson to begin with, but what the hell is this? In the UK especially, rape is defined as something only a man can do. By legal writing in the UK men cannot be raped. Are you kidding me? But we NEED MEN TO HELP WITH EQUALITY? Well unless you mean help men actually be recognized as victims. If you mean getting men to speak up for themselves. If you mean men actually being recognized as victims. Then we will have equality again. As it stands now, there is not equality and not because women are unequal. It’s the MEN who are unequal.

Then you have the bullshit campaign run by Anita Sarkeesian. The whole thing about her wanting to make online harassment (no matter what it is) a criminal offense. Throw that fucker in jail if he says something awful on social media. Anita Sarkeesian who has made a living off of being a professional victim already, and EVERYONE lets her get away with it, now wants to make laws to censor people. Though I agree that no one deserves to die or get death threats for stating an opinion, you cannot make that a criminal offense. Online harassment is already illegal, there just has to be intent behind it. If someone, like me for instance says, “I want to strangle Anita’s fucking neck til her fake eyebrows come off” unless there’s actual intent to do that, it means absolute jack shit. With the way she fucks with people and things they love, of course people aren’t going to be happy.

Champion_JapanMayor_675x317_EN jpg

Even worse, on websites like Twitter and Tumblr and even Facebook, you already have feminists sending death threats. I’ve received numerous messages about how I’d be killed, or told to kill myself, a few women said they were going to hunt me down and destroy me. I know I’m far from the only case of this. Quite far from it.

Anita’s law would backfire because there are plenty of actual feminists already sending death threats. We all know this and yet it’s still all excused. It’s excused because of propaganda. It’s excused by feminists
quite willfully engaging in acts of misinformation. Women are in power now. More powerful than ever before. Things like #HEFORESHE and people like Emma Fucking Watson have only made the balance worse. They have made the world believe to an even HIGHER level that women are NOT equal. And I mean in a bad way.

If anything, as it stands right now. Women are the most valued, coddled, self entitled, spoiled, and enabled gender on the planet. Women are so in charge and so powerful they still have the rest of the world believing they are suffering. How this is continuing and why, I don’t know. People need to grow fucking spines. People need to wake up and educate themselves on what’s going on. The longer we allow them to lie, and to perpetuate and spread myths and propaganda, the worse things are going to become. Mark my words. At least there seemed to be some ray of hope with how everyone defended the shirt.

TamedInsanity, Thanks again for taking the time to stop by and offer us your Voice. I got far more out of your post than I believed I wound. Have a pad of notes here that I want to begin research on.

A couple of things I would like to point out before I open it up for comment,– HeForShe is about the gender issues men face every day, and the other is that while First world does have much more than the rest, HeForShe is a World Wide movement with strong focus on India, Iraq, and the whole continent of Africa — where women and boy are often sold into sexual slavery. Also, women, still to this day, are burned in parts of India when the husband doesn’t get what he feels he deserves for the dowry. Which is actually the term: Dowry Death. 

Bride burning has been recognized as an important public health problem in India,..

A “Public Health Issue” … setting a woman on fire… is a public health issue. So…

Egypt Cutting Pussy


9 thoughts on “Guest Speaker #3 | TamedInsanity

  1. Anita Sarkeesian does appear to be a source of angst, and from talking with her today I don’t think she’s … well.. . I hold that thought for now. I did send her a question and I’m hoping she will address it just to see where her perspective is for Not being Offended = a Human Right. I’ve written out a rather large document describing my view of this area. I’m hoping to gain enough insight to start a campaign of education which will curb some of the destructive and random acts — some of which our speaker here has described. I plan on engaging Anita with the question of Offended — The Right Not to Be here soon. My objective is to question, strongly the predisposition to attack because of perceived offense. From all that I have read and learned so far, this perceived right is caustic to any forward movement in Unity or Equality. I should have an alpha document ready soon — a proposed first engagement to begin cracking the ice around what many Feminists appear to hold as an Undeniable Freedom.

    The idea of this stance appears to be stemmed from the Objectification theory which was derived in 1997 by Barbara L. Fedrickson, a psychologist, and Tomi-Ann Roberts, also a psychologist. They came to this theory through the suggestion that the human body is constructed (physically built) not only through biological changes of growth and environment, but through sociocultural practices and discourse. This theory rides in on the back of inter-disciplinary works — from Brodo (1993) And Foucaut (1980) in philosophy, E. Martin (1987) in cultural anthropology, K. Martin (1996) and Shilling (1993) in sociology, Kaschak (1992) and Ussher (1989) in psychology…

    The trouble is that this theory has never been more than a idea and a framework. Empirical data has never been able to be gathered to support the theory. The theory persists only through the efforts of a small group of feminist psychologist and sociologist who continue to write papers and publish under the subject, and to do studies which don’t produce any clear determination as to the value or debunking of the theory.


  2. The Sanity behind TamedInsanity’s Response
    Criticism can only be productive when approached rationally, logically, devoid of hyperbole and aim to incite. That being out of the way, I can find insight in some of TamedInsanity’s opinions. I do agree that women in the First World are spoiled; however, women didn’t get to the present degree of freedom without standing on podiums in front of microphones demanding recognition for their contribution of skills and abilities in all forums. As in life, at what point do we become satisfied upon arrival to a amorphous, ephemeral destination? When does perceived inequality become a result of merely differences that are not erasable, ignorable? Of course we are all speaking, in these ivory tower ramblings of ours, in the wake of #HeForShe’s unveiling, from the perspective of citizens of the First World.

    This hasn’t been my project. This is not my rallying cry. Nor have I invested one second of research into the geographic origin of any of the responses to #HeForShe. I don’t know what on earth is the hullabaloo about this shirt being mentioned both by Glenn and TamedInsanity but I don’t have the time to read about it. It sounds like some nonsense. It does appear most or all the excitement over Watson’s speech is coming from people in the First World (I personally don’t like the coined term but it’s what’s commonly used). This is not my rallying cry because I haven’t seen enough oppression in my own female life in America to believe it has stopped me from doing anything I damn well please. I have more personal issue with possible lost opportunities as a consequence of not being able to check the right minority boxes as a result of some well-intentioned affirmative action implementation that awarded someone else who was less qualified than me an opportunity for which I worked. To me that is inequality, the irony being that the times I have felt real inequality affect my life, have been a result of some pipe dream program to forcibly inject equality. This is why I think these discussions would be better served focusing on equal opportunity and equal respect.

    Equality of Opportunity
    I believe in opportunities based purely on abilities whatever the context. Perhaps the problem with determining when we have achieved, dare I say, enough equality, is that the word “equality” itself causes misguided notions that we can ever be “equal.” We are different and we award differences based on them. Example:
    Someone who’s bringing a sexual harassment case against his employer is going to want the best lawyer to win the lawsuit. In the courtroom, there is jury selection strategy and let’s say it turns out the male jurors outnumber the females. The plaintiff will want the lawyers to decide the best presentation of the case based on all factors. His counsel will consider which lawyer within the team assigned to the case, based on the alchemic mix of gender, appearance, style, skill, acumen will best appeal to the sensibilities of the jurors. Now, there is a whole subclass of social science behind juror gender disparities and juror empathy which is inexplicable in this context. Suffice it here to ask, do inequality rear its ugly head if a female lawyer gets chosen for first chair? If her rhetorical skills of persuasion and cross-examination are on par with her male counterpart but her appeal to the jury as a female arguing for her male client is a powerful coup d’etat against the all-female employer, does she win the role based on her gender? If so, is this unfair for the male attorney? Or is it merely respecting our differences and doing the best for the client? Would this be a case of gender discrimination by the law firm against the male lawyer defending the male plaintiff? Ah the tangled webs we can get ourselves into when we start asking questions about discrimination against anyone of any classification.

    The Case Against Meddling into Equality Evidenced by Affirmative Actions’ Failings
    What about my own anecdotal experiences with inequality: seeing unqualified individuals pushed through a system in order to meet minimum diversity goals? Is it fair that a more qualified young white male was not admitted to my educational institution, a four-year military college, because my roommate’s background checked all the admissions office’s boxes for diversity? She was female, black, from the backwoods of Kentucky and came from a poor upbringing. All that is really irrelevant to me if she could have performed at par but she couldn’t and didn’t. I watched her eat a pint of ice cream in the evenings during study hour, spend little time on homework, fail to keep fit, fail the physical fitness test time after time, fail some of her academic classes, show terrible organizational skills, and exhibit horrendous military appearance and demeanor. She couldn’t carry her own rucksack on long marches and someone else had to carry it for her – a male cadet, for ghastly sakes! I found her utterly disgraceful and was shamed because I myself was trying to stand proud as a female who felt just as deserving as the next guy to be there. Yet my roommate was allowed to squeeze by year after year and to my horror, graduated with the intent that she was ready to lead young soldiers possibly into battle. She had no business being in the position she obtained. Some other young person gave up a dream so she could benefit from the training and education she received. That disgusts me. That is inequality and unfair opportunity. Born from the meddlings designed to bring about equality.

    Mind Yourself and Grind; the Rest Shall Follow
    My parents told me not to worry about what other people are doing; they said to keep my head down and work like your life depended on it. If I did that instead of wasting my energy and time on fretting over fairness, I would be in a strong position to hold the skills and mastery at such a level I should not have to worry I wasn’t among the strongest candidates for whatever opportunity I sought. I have been turned down but I never thought to myself, ‘Gee, I think I was turned down because of my skin color or my gender or lack of height or flat nose.’ I always just gathered myself and worked on how to improve my chances the next go-around.

    There may indeed have been times I was treated unequally. I don’t really care. I never worried about its existence because I didn’t know about it. I didn’t know about it because being too busy working myself into the best I could be, I never looked up long enough from my hard work to notice it. That practice took me everywhere I aimed to go in life. So I didn’t have to feel any shame that I may have been admitted as a result of the diversity boxes I ticked. I was a female and there were only three other females admitted who were of the same racial heritage as mine. Folks like me just didn’t join the military out of high school back in the 90’s. I didn’t feel ashamed I may have been admitted due to my race or gender, because I was confident in knowing it was pure fact that I was as qualified or more qualified than the next person standing next to me, either through being able to physically outrun most of my male peers by pumping out a 10:20 2-mile run, or scoring in the top 1% on the obstacle course test, or scoring above 2/3 of my class in military leadership, or academically sitting on the Dean’s List. I’m not bragging, just making a point that equality (or fairness or opportunity —whatever we want to label it) comes when we are of merit and skill and ability. That’s a minimum, not a short-cut. We start from there; then and only then do we entertain spouting off a diatribe on why women do not have the same opportunities as men do in the First World.

    And What about People with Undesirable Facial Bone Structure?
    I agree that inequality exists. No doubt about it. We all suffer levels of perceived oppression as a consequence of the very nature of our differences based on gender, race, physicality, personality, intelligence, etc. Is that unjust? We cannot be treated equally because the very nature of our different traits means that we may or may not be more suitable for different jobs, opportunities, roles, positions, etc. For example, it’s human nature to be influenced by certain qualities or measurements. If you disagree, I recommend the book “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful” by U of T economics professor Daniel Hamermesh. Research shows attractive salesmen garner on average 17% more sales than a peer of below-average looks. Now, do we take steps to remedy this injustice? Why are we allowing ourselves to be convinced to buy more often from handsome salesmen? I certainly can’t argue that if a salesman with handsome looks resembling the actor Henry Cavill, whom I think is a very fine male specimen, were to pitch goods my way which I may have already needed to some degree, my subconscious would more likely be inclined to buy from him because he’s easy on the eyes. I am fairly confident my husband would say the same if the saleswoman resembled the sultry actress Scarlett Johansson. For the uglier salesman or saleswoman, that is patently unfair, unequal, unjust! There should be a public outcry over this. We should collectively decry our nature. We need now compensate and legislate buying a minimum from the ugly sales persons. What about the hiring of ugly sales persons too….? Oh, I could write for several more pages…easily!

    Maybe the take away from TamedInsanity’s piece is that we, in the First World, really have little grounds to whine about inequality when there are very real substantial issues of gender inequality in other parts of the world.

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  3. Damn, that response looks long now that I’ve clicked “Post Comment”….oops. I type way too fast for my own good – a byproduct of that typewriting class that was a required part of public school curriculum for all students, regardless of gender, in the 70’s and 80’s in California while I was growing up — how nonsexist a curriculum 😉

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    • Good post though. I’m amazed however that you are reporting being behind with your novel 🙂
      You did bring up a good point though. Yes, we got to where we are because women stood up, behind of podiums and from parks and from congressional hearings and stood their ground.

      But — going with what you just pointed out — maybe that’s the way we need to stop as well. Women like TamedInsanity and our other guest Parriah, could possibly be exactly what is needed right at this moment. Women who are able to signal that we are close to the end.

      According to the Index that I posted a couple of days ago, I think we are #20, but most of the top list is separated by fragments. the score is .746 .. so 75% perfect against the GAP report.

      Which isn’t saying we’re perfect but certainly close and probably close enough to begin educating that we aren’t in the dire areas some places like India or Egypt are in. ‘Ease the throttle” ?? are we close enough for that?

      TamedInsanity was posting to me in a eager way that the 70 cents on the Dollar pay gap is no longer. She was doing this in reponse of my request for a link or something I could tuck away for research later. she was getting a little riled and I noticed that her point of view is that the “nation wide” gap is no longer. It is not “the norm.” Which I hope is true and even feel that probably most companies aren’t ran by women-oppressing jerks any longer. However, I can easily see the individuals out there, who are still facing this problem (and I think that TamedInsanity would agree that there are individuals) would be upset and even have feelings of abandonment if we started a campaign right now that the problem was over, pull back the ranks…

      Something to think about anyway.

      Thanks for that post. You got enough in there to keep me busy the rest of the week.


  4. Glenn, because you commented on her and she was mentioned in TamedInsanity’s piece, I finally devoted the kitchen timer to 4 minutes to look up who Anita Sarkeesian is. I’ll never get those 4 minutes back now and I still don’t know what she’s about really. I just know I don’t care to read beyond the 4 minutes I already lost to her.

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    • Good call on the Four minutes.. you’ll never get those back. I’d send her a bill if I was you.

      I’m only interested because of the answers I’m looking for and she seems to be the one to gain them from.


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