Why We Need He For She

I read Katie’s last post on this topic as well. We need to put some serous creative thought into fingering out how to get her a little involved over here. I’m sure she is busy, but she could add another strong voice with clarity eyes.

Katie Castellano

I have mentioned in my most recent post and slacktivism post that HeForShe has faced some criticism. This is common with any “hot topic” sort of issue like gender equality, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any support for HeForShe. Many proclaim that HeForShe is monumental and groundbreaking, and here is why…

Emma Watson- why we need heforshe

(Photo: MyPersonalBubble)

In Watson’s speech that launched HeForShe, she cites specific instances where gender norms were assumed on herself and her friends. At age eight she was accused of being “bossy” for wanting to direct plays with her friends, whereas the boys who wanted to direct never were accused of being bossy (“Emma Watson”). At age 14, she started “being sexualized by certain elements of the press”  (“Emma Watson”). And at age 18, she noticed that her male friends were unable to express their feelings, for fear of being made fun of (“Emma Watson”).

People have…

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