Is Change Required

Is it necessary to change the mind of someone who has an opposing view in order to gain an ally?

An example: Mary believes that Capitalism is the basis of women’s problems in the US. She points out that had the colonies remained with England, slavery would have ended much sooner and women would have had rights in 1906 not 1940.”Capitalist”, she says, “don’t care about humans outside of the sphere of their family and friends, and even less if those people outside are women.”

While she has some valid points, Paul believes in capitalism and the nation very strongly. He served four tours in Afghanistan while holding those beliefs and they are sacred to him now.

Mary’s beliefs are sacred to her as well. She’s been on tour in her own city all of her life, trying to be seen as a human being.

The project of countering the propaganda campaign in against the female politicians of Greece is suited to both of them, and that’s why Emma has asked them to team up. They are going to have to communicate very well and work in cocert if are going to have a chance.

Does one of them have to end this argument before they can be effective together?  Does that mean that one of them has to be wrong?


2 thoughts on “Is Change Required

  1. I think you point out a very valid issue in today’s “arguments” that many people have yet to figure out. Just because you are right, doesn’t mean that others are wrong. Education is very important in the scheme of arguing. It is also important that we, as political people, do not just stick to one polar side or the other. Compromise and understanding are the keys to changes. Great scenario!

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    • Thank you. Good to see you too. You should check out the HeForShe Group on FaceBook. Meet up with people and gather some feed back.

      I think it is hugely important that we remember that this isn’t a right or wrong issue for us of HeForShe. There isn’t an enemy. Also, there are a lot of issues being addressed by Feminists of all types and breeds. Some of them hold all of those issues important, some only one or two. Some are going to be very argumentative, even combative regarding us .Some will breath sighs of relief. We want them all. Every one of them.

      Not right, Not wrong, just people, doing their best for something they strongly believe in.

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