A Posting at LinkedIn | Have You Began To Talk?

A writer’s group I’m in on LinkedIn asked for posts about what businesses we were involved in. I don’t, personally, push the Feminism cause. I  feel that I’m more in a position of support. But if they are gonig to lead with their chin like that …

My passion right now is my novels, and my involvement with the #HeForShe organization, which was called out for by Emma Watson in Sept.

This group, HeForShe, is asked to be a support for the U.N. Women who work for Equality around the world. You may not get this if you are in the US, but we still have whole countries where women cannot own property, can’t have a bank account, where women are still considered property. Even in the US there are inequalities which need to be addressed. Where we still disregard the voice of half of our population. This make no sense. It makes even less sense now, then it did before women had the vote in this country.

We hear from our government and from our financial experts that what we need — right now — are job makers. And then we wail about the lack of growing businesses — when, despite the fact that women own 10.6 million businesses in the U.S. and represent 35 percent of startup business owners, they receive a piddling 4.2% of venture capital funding, and 10-12% funding from Finanical Institutions, even though their qualifications, abilities and business plans are often far more viable than mens.

Wait, it gets better. Instead of our country’s investors gaining the benefit of our amazing women, investors from New Zealand, Austrailia and the Slavic countries of Europe reap the rewards by going through venture capital crowd funding web sites like Moola-Hoop.com — a crowd funding site only for women owned business projects. How about that? Not only are we going to shoot ourselves in the foot, we’re going to soak it in gasoline afterward.

This.. what else do you call this but ignorant inequality? This inequality, propagated by our own country, strangles our own growth, while lowering our own capital base. So that, yes, there are more jobs now, but we are poorer as a country. Good job eh? Wise financial move my fellow man.

They have this group now (well I guess they have had it for a while) which measures the Gap between the equality of men and women in every country. We aren’t doing so well so I won’t embarrass us — but there is a correlation, which is very obvious when you see the listing. The stronger the bond of equality between men and women, the richer the country. It is that simple. And there is no twists or turns or squinting required.

So, stop. Look at qualifications as sexless. Either she can do the job or she can’t, but her qualifications have nothing to do with her breasts. And women need to stop it too. Stop not living as strong as you are able. Stop listening to these banks and investors. There are other answers. If they are that inept, screw’em. There are answers to this and HeForShe supports you.

If you are interested in learning more, meForShe.wordpress.com is a good place to start.
Or you can join our discussion group. Hope to see you there.

Have you posted or spread the word? It’s alright if you haven’t. Like I said, I’m not really one to do it either, but I am here to help if you have a post and want to run it by some one for editing or polishing. Or, as I said in this post, I am here for Research or finding answers, or looking over marketing ideas, I do have some skills and some time — and the honest desire to help you.But it you have put the word out, I would like to see how you are doing it — I might learn something.


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