Feminist Diaries #1: History and Definitions

I met Asealskhaki on Tweeter, listening to the #HeForShe. It was pretty late at night and I was drifting already. Bottom line I didn’t check her age like I normally do. In this case however, I’m glad I didn’t. She has an outlook from fresh eyes, but at the same time lives in a country where the Gender Equality level is fairly low. So she will see and experience events and situations few of my US sisters could imagine.

At 16 years old Asealskhaki lives in Mumbai — the city of dreams. She is an 11th grade student, and her focus of study is Humanities.She calls herself a staunch atheist, and declares the Gothic subculture to fit her inner self.

When I first came onto her blog she had just finished a tale about the monsters in all of us. After enjoying the post and chatting a little more with her through the comment section, I asked her to give us a Guest Speaker post, and she agreed.

Instead of just one however, she has chosen to express her views about the situation today, by going back into the history of the feminist movement, writing three separate posts. I’m going to release these over the weekend, and let her story unfold.

Thank you very much for coming, and now, lets hear from Asealskhaki


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