Feminist Diaries #3: HeForShe

Asealskhaki is back with us. This is the Third and final, but I’m going to see if we can’t get her to do some more for us sometime in the future.

Wish I wrote this well when I was sixteen.


2 thoughts on “Feminist Diaries #3: HeForShe

  1. I hear you and I understand your pain. Feminist is often determined as a negative connotation. I became a feminist in the seventies. See my about page. I am proud to say I am a feminist. Not even my family can accept that but it is my truth. Hugs, Barbara

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    • Hi Barbra, and thanks for coming by. After accepting your invitation and reading through a few of your posts, I looked for a way of contact and didn’t find one — likely missed it — but I am drawn to ask if you would consider posting here as a guest speaker. We’ve had the shares from around the topic of feminism, many voices on the outside looking in — and i’m not worth much other than a history lesson, which I obtained the knowledge to give by deep study for the last two months — Not exactly a voice of experience.

      I began this with the desire to hear the voices of others, because, in order to be effective with the projects I’m tasked to perform, I need to know who I am talking to, and to understand what their needs are. But, I really believe it is time to hear from the source, as it were. Again, I’m not qualified for that post. You can contact me through this blog in the About Us area, or catch me on Twitter @glennhefley or email is ghefley at gmail com. I do hope you read this and consider the idea favorably.



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