I Will Not Forget

In response to the assaults at SDSU, in San Diego Ca, November 21, 2014

I believed after I read this article, that the actions of the creatures involved  — those who violently defended the felony act of rape, against those who decried it, by assaulting them in the street — were the most disturbing actions recorded on this page. What could possibly be more disgusting?  Members of two different fraternities, men over the age of eighteen and not reported as mentally retarded or brain injured, — or indeed incapacitated  in any other way — responded to women who were protesting rape by attacking them.  They did this with forethought and malice. They drove up to the protest area and assaulted them and attempted to humiliate them for protesting.

** Ladies, and men if there were any at the demonstration referred to as Take Back The Night, I say “attempted to humiliate”, because you could not be humiliated during this event, by such wretched mentalities. I do not say this to minimize your feelings, or to devalue your injury. I say this to clarify to you that you were not in any way shameful or shamed, nor foolish in your action. Your dignity by speaking out, by giving your voice is unmarred and secure above reproach — and I believe this has already been affirmed by the congress of your school, the members of your community, your families, and across the nation by our citizenship. So please rest, assured that you have done your part with high marks, and that for now others bear this forward. The weight you carry can be dropped. We got you.

Too often we have been silent about this repulsive crime, and the loathsome maggotry who commit it. Too often has silence allowed these creatures to continue. This history of silence has to be broken. It must be shattered and these disgusting perversions must be confronted, in the light.

My hope is that your injury will show others the necessity of action. My hope  is that across the nation other protests will rise and give their voice as well, to join with yours. As soon as I’m done with this post, I will be calling out for that response. My message will be “If not you, who, and if not now, when?”

I know you hurt, and you are shocked. What normal person would not be? Rape is an offense against the victim, but also a tearing wound into the community. The level of derangement required to defend this felony from your protest — as if Rape was a Right — is a response that extends far beyond the realm of reasonable expectation, or indeed sanity. The dildos and eggs they used are ludicrously minor details in the face of someone actually being so utterly vile that they publicly side with the grotesque of rape. Demonic possession is less fowl.

I’m sincerely hoping the names of these Renfields will be publicized so that the world can take note, and damn their coming, and hurry their leaving from whatever civilized post they approach. I am generally forgiving of wild youth — often chastised for it in fact — but I promise you, these will not go from this unscathed, or unremembered. I hope that every time they are turned away from job, education, family, politic, and general society that these Renfields recall the moment they sided with the grotesque and recall my words — I will never forget and will commit great resources to enuser no one else does either.

So heal heros and recover. Others will give voice for now.

To the Renfields, protesting in defense of your right to commit a felony is not only vulgar but the act of a traitor to people and country. To threaten and physically assault while doing so is the embodiment of terrorism. Thus I name you, and will engage appropriately.

But as I said, I believed that the most disturbing part of this woe tale was the Renfields. Then, I read the statements below mine in this comment area; statements composed by people who are apparently so blind and obtuse — lacking any pause or concern — are vigorously  arguing if forming a mob and physically attacking  a peaceful demonstration, is free speech. They are actually arguing in the context of this event, If assault, and threat, is free speech.

I can not quite get my head around that. It is somewhere — geographically speaking — on the level of going to your grandmother’s funeral, taking her liver from her corpse and as you eat it with others, arguing if it was true or fable that liver was a healthy meat to consume. Yes — if not that level exactly, I’m sure it is in the same sewer of reality.

The Renfields I will retain. The ghouls … I will seek out methods of forgetting.
Glenn Hefley

#HeForShe of the U.N. Women


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