Bill and Melinda Gates want to fix another messy global problem: banking


2 thoughts on “Bill and Melinda Gates want to fix another messy global problem: banking

  1. Are you daft? He did such a great job I’m close to forgiving him for Windows ME. Apparently you don’t quite grasp the magnitude of what he has done for the US during the last 5 years,– for which he has gotten nothing but grief and BS from people following the propaganda beliefs of the Math War ass-bites.

    Something you might consider, just for a moment — These “keep it the same” guys like Dr. James Milgram PhD 5* General of the Math Wars, 35 year veteran disruptor of education and an old school “Promotion through Propaganda and Threat” expert — Just for an hour or two.. As an academic exercise, an entertainment of mental awareness — an activity in research and education — check the status of ANY of their suggestions over the last 25 years, and see if any actually worked. They all sound good and he seems to make a good case and he’s got the credentials — but In the real world of education, did they help or hurt? You will find some eye opening results out there — as state after state, system after system that they have been allowed to work on and “bring back to accuracy” (after being threatened, harassed, lied to and coerced in to letting them do it) that all of them … 100% so far in my examinations across the years from 1975 to the present for James Milgram PhD, have turned to shit. Grades went down, dropout rates went up, fewer students progressed into college, and of those that did, more of them required remedial math just to catch up.

    Milgram helped to author California’s Math Standard 1997 —
    2001 report comment on results “No notable change since 1996”
    2002 report, comment on results “No notable change since 1996”

    California continues to “not show a notable change” .. So… 2005 Milgram is in California again arguing against the suggested standard changes. Math wars are called to cease fire by George Bush. New Standard is going to go in place, but Milgram is able to get in there an make some changes.. Being very polite and even friendly he gets these published.
    No noticeable change since 2001.

    2007 California removes his changes and now runs with NCTM Focal Points as it was meant to be — Math scores rise across the grades and through all races and sex columns.

    2007 though Milgram is hired to help develop and advise on the project CCSS — Common Core State Standards. (Yes, Milgram helped to create CCSS — or rather, was hired to help, and did very little except to make everyone aware that there was only one way to teach math (His Way), and that these ideas they had — dangerously close to Focal Points ideas — were weak, and ineffectual and would never help a student to prepare for college or a career. The group of over 100 professional working on CCSS quickly learn to accept his critique, and not fill him in on any source or result of new benchmarks, because he will send every little nitpicky thing he doesn’t agree with out into the blogsphear to be hacked an slashed by people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Milgram complains about this censorship of citations and sources on every report I could find. He writes into his reports about the standards that

    “What follows are my comments on the final draft of the CCSSI Core Mathematics
    Standards. There are a number of standards including, but not limited to 1-OA(6), 2-
    OA(2), 2-NBT(5), 3-OA(7), 3-NBT(2), 4-OA(4), 4-OA(6), 4-NF(1), 4-NF(2), 5-OA(3),
    8-G(2), 8-G(4), F-LQE(5), G-SRT(4) that are completely unique to this document, and
    most of them seem problematic to me. I have repeatedly asked for references justifying
    the insertions of these or similar standards in previous drafts, but references have not been
    provided. Consequently, to my knowledge, there is no research base for including any of
    these standards in the document.”

    This one I like, as he tries to incite them into an argument. I have a copy of Finnland’s Standards and I’ve looked and searched for this “Years Behind” claim he has from whatever unstated country, he is thinking about — though Finnland is Still up in the Top. In fact, the Core Standards of Finnland and CCSS are nearly a match. CCSS lists more details and demonstrates by this compartemetalism of document design the philosophy of the Standard’s intent for execution, and Finnland is a page – sometimes a little more — of clearly laid out instruction — but the details cross and collaborate easily.

    “A large number of the arithmetic and operations, as well as the place value standards
    are one, two or even more years behind the corresponding standards for many if not all
    the high achieving countries. Consequently, it is not possible to certify that the Core
    Mathematics Standards are benchmarked at the same level as the standards of the high
    achieving countries in mathematics.”

    Then, after that puke of frustration he says :

    “The approach to geometry is very unusual, focusing, as it does, on using the Euclidian and extended Euclidean groups to define congruence and similarity. Mathematically, this approach is rigorous,… The exposition at the high school level seems reasonable, and may well work. However, to my knowledge, there is no solid research that justifies this approach at the K-12 level currently …

    “Overall, only the very best state mathematics standards, those of California, Massachusetts, Indiana and Minnesota are stronger than these standards. Most states would be far better off adopting the Core Math Standards than keeping their current standards. However, California, and the other states with top standards would almost certainly be better off keeping their current standards.”

    2007 Milgram goes to Florida and helps write the Florida Education Standards
    Result — Florida Math scores drop.
    2010 — Florida adopts CCSS — well they can’t do any worse.
    2010 — California adopts CCSS

    Milgram believes and is quoted many times in print — that the Red Chinese and the Communist Russians (the people who the Chinese learned their education from) of the 1940s and 1950s knew what they were doing. No educational progress of any merit has been made since those glorious days of Communist Educational Systems.
    2011 — Milgram talks California into putting in the Algebra I requirements for 8th grade “Please for the Love of God! What are you doing not teaching Algebra at 8th Grade!? You’re Killing those Kids!”
    2013 — Milgram’s Algebra is removed from CCSS — but on the Super’s suggestion, a revised and Core compliant Algebra I standard is put into a document titled “Optional” in the same folder.

    Hey! We could go over and see how Oklahoma and Nebraska are doing now. See if the teachers have stopped crying yet…..


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