Green is the new red: Will Potter on the problem of treating environmentalists like terrorists

The point isn’t that he is an activist for puppies and pigs The point isn’t that he is a reporter or that he feels dolphins should live free in the waters and get high on puffer fish. The point is that these are First Amendment rights, and State/Local Government, which is being pushed as being so much better than Federal Oversight, are ripping apart our life, our liberty and any chance of being free. Who is your State Rep? Do you know? Check the front page for a question form. I would really like to know how YOU feel about your government.

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When Chicago Tribune reporter Will Potter went to pass out animal rights leaflets, he had no idea the FBI would single him out and pressure him to become an anti-activism informant, threatening his future if he refused. Here, we talk to the TED Fellow and author of Green is the New Red about this experience, which sent him into a whole new area of research. The crux of what he found: environmental and animal-rights activists are now considered the United States’ number-one domestic terrorism threat, and they are being prosecuted as criminals.

Do you think of yourself as an activist?

I don’t consider myself an activist, but there’s certainly an advocacy component when I’m talking about civil rights issues. My background’s in newspaper and magazine reporting. For a long time I tried to pursue the traditional newsroom path, and I was on it for quite a while. Then, when I…

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