We are the storytellers. The wielders of Magic. We are the Wizards, and we Call

Wake Wizards War

Wake. Do you remember who you are? Do you recall your power? You an I, We have created Gods. We have frozen oceans, filled jungles far and wide with beasts of great wisdom and immorality. We have conjured suns, pulled moons from their orbits, and snapped the wires suspending Heaven, just to hear the enraged coilings as they spiral and whine across the sky. We have bathed in moonlight and Consumed the Necture of starshine, then washed the world clean with rain. Do you remember? On our off days we have created kings, crowned their heads, then removed their heads with guillotine — just as an exercise — a proof of concept (…told you I could do it with cake. Next round is on you). And when the God we created became unworthy, we diminished the followers to madmen and extremists, and executed the God.

Did you forget Lilith, Ashera, the poets of Sumer? Have you fallen so far that your power are the dreams of another era?. look around you, listen to the ether. Again they kill with words – again they lay waste with language. We will be needed to rebuild their myths, to set right their temples, and pull the flowers and grass from the wastelands

Do not forget.

Do not wish it all not true.

We are the wizards

The story must not die…



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