he-for-she-logoInformation on #HeForShe is on heforshe.org,. MeForShe is a blog which strives to remain aligned with Emma’s vision of HeForShe, through education, and awareness. You can contact me directly using the form on this page. I would like to hear from you, so if you have questions, ideas, concerns or just want to voice an opinion, dont’ hesitate to do so.

Like Emma Watson said in a recent interview, we’re not about dictating, or hating, or telling you how to live or forcing you to boycott something we were offended by. This is about promoting Equality. You can’t say that you promote Equality, and then not give the Other a voice. It just doesn’t work that way. Not being Offended, is not a Human Right. And while I try to live in an unoffending manner, like most people do, it’s not always going to work out like that.

We address forced marriages, sexual predators, lack of voice in politics, lack of education, lack of jobs and opportunities.  We are about opening doors, not slamming them shut. It is not about some shirt — It’s about the Comet.

I hope you’ll at least hang around a bit and relax with a cup of coffee, and see what we’re up to. I would love to hear from you as well… on anything you would like to talk about. If you do bring up an issue, I promise, you won’t be wasting your time. If I can help in the areas of education or awareness, I will.



Let Us Hear You...

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