We Could Do All this Without You | Atwood

There’s nothing that spooks us more, say those who study such things, than beings that appear to be human but aren’t quite.


Feminist Diaries #1: History and Definitions

I met Asealskhaki on Tweeter, listening to the #HeForShe. It was pretty late at night and I was drifting already. Bottom line I didn’t check her age like I normally do. In this case however, I’m glad I didn’t. She has an outlook from fresh eyes, but at the same time lives in a country…

Guest Speaker #3 | TamedInsanity

I have noticed for some reason, that internet harassment seems to be mostly feminists. Honestly. Though I do agree there are men and anti-feminists a part of this group the more I do what I do, the more I see feminists as the main aggressors.

Brussels Griffon x 2 — Guest Speaker #2

Brussels Griffon x 2 I met on the g+ network. She is participating in the Write A Novel challenge which happens every November (Write a Novel Month). I read a couple of her posts and noticed that she was also taken by Emma’ s HeForShe speech. So, I asked her if she would post her…

13 Sexist Things About HeforShe – BY PARRIAH POTTYMOUTH

Introduction by Glenn Hefley This is our first submission on the Current State of things. I’m exceedingly grateful that Parriah offered this piece to us. You’re probably wondering why if you’ve skimmed the title and got a brief lay of the post. The reasoning isn’t difficult. Anytime you are going to spread the word (Marketing) you…