Please Share your Voice

HeForShe-Screen-740x385We are inviting you to post to our site. Using the form below, write in your question or what you would like to discuss or your own Guest Speaker Post or something you found amazing or disturbing — and if it meets the non-hate guideline and has something to do with our focus of Equality, It will be soon posted to the site as a regular post and open for discussion.

Your voice is valuable to us. We encourage you to take a bit of time and share what is on your mind. Even if you disagree with HeForShe or Feminism, we want to hear from you.

*NOTE: I am inviting differing opinions with this post, in fact I am encouraging them. Please keep in mind that the Other has a voice, and is equally vouchsafed to her opinion — no matter what. Within this discussion, as with the rest of this website, I will not tolerate attacks or hate.

You may disagree as much as you like. You do not have to agree with anything here to continue to be part of this .That is not what we are about. We are not here to dictate, but to come together. However, Disagreement does not require threats or hate to be communicated effectively. Posts of that nature will be deleted, without warning, and depending on the magnitude, I may decide that the author is not welcome here. Equality does not offer the right to attack or threaten. ~ Glenn





Let Us Hear You...

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