Out on the Web, if you are going to be effective, you need some good tools. We need these, or compatible tools if we are going to collaborate on documentation, messages and projects

*NOTE – Dec 09, 2014 
We have found and put into play a much better method of collaboration to engage with each other using the Google Docs/Drive areas. This program is called Moova and I’ve signed up for the membership level of 20 active users. It has a free level of 10 team members I believe?? Can’t find that now. but the level of Social Collaboration is outstanding. Highly recommend and the need for the following add ons are far less great if one of the team members can’t get something working right. The following though are very good tools for research and engagement on the web so I am leaving them in this document for reference and awareness.

I’ve been doing this a long time. So, these are suggestions but they are tested suggestions. They are kind of like “it is suggested that you use a parachute if you are going to jump out of an airplane.” If you have compatible  tools, I’m not saying you can’t use them. Just saying that these work very well together and you will find them useful in several other areas of your life.
This is not required, but it may be a good idea. It will certainly subdue any paranoia later as you are filling out and joining one social network after another. So I’ll bring up that it might be a good idea, even if you already have a Google account, to open a new one. Use something that is as close to your real name as possible. When you are talking to someone on the Internet, they generally respond better to someone named ghefley, than UrBaseIsMine…. just saying.
I use the Google suit as the foundation.Below is the list and instructions on how to get a browser up and all the pieces installed to make you experience less hassle and more fun. All of these pieces are free, no buy-in at all.
Get a Google Account — easy sign up.
Install (if you don’t have it already) Google Chrome — fast quick web browser
After that , get the EverNote Software and sign up for an account (free)
Add to Chrome from Google Application Store (all of these are free) Just use the links to find them.
  • AdBlock  — life is so much better without ads.
  • Bookmark Buttons Startpage
  • Application Launcher for Drive (by Google)
  • Clearly – very cool tool. It cleans the page of confusing stuff and then will copy the whole article into your EverNote program. Makes a nice clean document for you.
  • Evernote Web Clipper – this is for highlighting a paragraph or something, and then sending it to your EverNote
  • Google Docs – basically just a link to your Google Documents. But it is handy to have.
  • Google Keep – notes and lists. It is small, light and fast. For quick notes.
  • Google Similar Pages — if you find a site that was useful, this will find others like it.
  • Save to Google Drive — You found a good report in PDF. Use this to send it to your GDrive instead of your computer.
  • SocialBa! ( Publish Sync ) Highlight a paragraph, post it on your FaceBook for your friends and followers. Quick fast and it becomes needed rather soon.
  • Easy Share — Send a page to all of your Social Networks at the same time.
  • CRM for Gmail — Keep track of contacts, make the most use of them and keep relationships working
  • MindMup — access to MindMup Maps program.
Once those are installed, restart your browser.
Start up your EverNote and get it connected to the Web Service.
You are now Ready to explore
Go to the HeForShe Shared Drive
HeForShe GDrive. This where I keep all of the references, everything I write for HeForShe (articles, Tweets, notes on campaigns, notes on websites, all that stuff). It is growing and I’m continuing to put more stuff in there. Feel free to use what you would like, and also to add PDFs and Documents you believe the rest of us might use. *Note. Right now you have View only permissions. When you text me(see below) I’ll set you up to add to our library as well as read.
The Mind Map
Go To Mind Mup — get free program for your browser installed. It is safe. I’ve checked them carefully.
Next, go to this link and you will find the Mind Map I’ve been working on.
Mind Maps are very cleaver tools. They are visual, and allow creative energy to become something you can see and move around. Make notes, look at the various ideas. Keep them in mind. If you come up with an idea, add it to the tree.
Contacts Setup
Go to this page and sign in with your Google Account
Once signed in another form will appear
Use whatever you want for the company name or leave it blank. Doesn’t matter. If you say you are a huge company though they are going to want to sell you stuff, so probably best to leave the company and size blank.
Go through the little tutorial, and then into their back office area which will have your email and contacts all set up for go. The is a Customer Relations Manager. You don’t have to use it, but I find it very useful in keeping track of people I just met – want to keep in touch with but have no contact with other than on the web. These contacts are sources of information, people who will do small favors, and help spread the awareness fo HeForShe. They are incredibly valuable to you and to HeForShe. Treat them well.. keep in contact periodically. Do little favors for them.
It’s good to keep notes. Like MarkC – likes information on fathers as caregivers.
Now, if you run into a page like that, you send him the link.
GMail Chat
Open up your GMail in the browser, connect with Hangouts.
My email address is ghefley at gmail dot com
Send me a request and then a chat message.
After that, we are completely connected to each other, and you have access to files, the mind map and a full CRM.
You are now a fully armed #HeForShe.
Time to rock the world

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